• Maximum decoring output
  • Payloads up to 1,500 kg (including clamping fixture)
  • Rotation of the casting during core removal
  • Component-specific design of the clamping fixture
  • Simultaneous decoring of several castings possible
  • Robust construction
  • Low investment and operating costs



Two extremely powerful eccentric shafts generate a force in the direction of swing. This sets the casting clamping fixture in vibration. Enormous acceleration forces pulverize the crushed sand core inside the casting and transport it out of the cast part.

Acceleration levels of over 150 m/sec² with a 1,500 kg payload (casting plus clamping fixture) guarantee minimum cycle times and the highest levels of cost-effectiveness. In addition to the optimal decoring position, the rapid servo rotating unit moves the cast parts into the best position for transporting the sand away. This ensures minimum residual sand volumes and the highest levels of process reliability.

The Fill swingmaster 1500 can be operated as a standalone machine with the corecracker hammer module or in combination with several machines and a separate hammering station, as required.